An Event Is Born !

On 12th March 1997, DJ Jazzy Joe completed 5 years as a Professional Disc Jockey in India - and Jazzy decided to celebrate this anniversary as he felt that " Five years of staying up nights to play the same songs again and again to make people happy, and to enjoy doing that " certainly deserved a Party ! And so, Four of the Hottest DJ's were flown in from Mumbai & Bangalore who, along with Delhi's Jazzy, performed together at his club for the occasion. This was not only the First time that an Indian DJ had celebrated his anniversary but also the First time that Delhi saw Five DJ's playing together - Not to compete or to show-off their personal skills , but as a team, complementing each other with their individual strong points. The crowd got 5 creative elements coming together to make Magic and the DJ's felt that they played better together than alone as they not only learnt from each other but also developed more respect for each other's individual styles. As for Jazzy, he was overwhelmed as it was the " Best way I could have celebrated my anniversary - by bringing DJ's together ! "

Keeping in view that all the participating DJ's were ' Masters in the Art of Mixing and Performing ', Jazzy called the event ' MIXMASTERS ' and decided to make it an Annual event at his club in Delhi. Sometimes, the list of DJ's would change but the Purpose and the Magic would be maintained to make sure that not only the crowd, but also the DJ's went away with more than just music ! So far, the DJ's who have participated in Mixmasters throughout the years have been Freeaatmah, Akhtar & Amit from Mumbai, Ivan, Nath & Rahul from Bangalore, Yusuf Kapasi from Pune, Jimmy Tangree & Sanjay Dutta from Calcutta, Teja from Hyderabad and Wayne from Chennai with Jazzy Joe from Delhi.


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