The concept of Mixmasters is totally dedicated to promoting the idea that when DJ's play as a team rather then as competitors, they are able to give out much better and more creative mix of music. But to ensure that there is no rehearsed mixes or last minute mismatches (as all mixes are on the spot and the whole show is very impromptu), it is very important that the DJ's involved not only have experience and a very positive outlook, but are also on the same creative level so that they can interplay with a smooth flow. Without that, the show would fall on it's face. That's why since the first event in 1997, the best creative and positive people have been involved with the concept. Show-offs and self-promoting individuals have been kept away to ensure that the team grows stronger and better. As the DJ's are the real stars of the show, given below is a small peek into their careers with their pics. Check out all the Mixmasters !!


He’s probably the only Dj in Asia to have successfully completed 12 years in the same nightclub. Besides playing in Insomnia, Taj, he freelances for private shows and parties. He's versatile, Right from spinning live bollywood remixes and U.K. bhangra tunes to club, hip hop ,r n b, tech house,tribal,progressive and melodic trance,dj Akhtar does it all in great style. His escapades have taken him to various parts of the world to perform at Antwerp, Brussels, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Bangkok, Singapore, Maldives and Dubai.
Presently rocks Mumbai at Insomnia.


One of the founders of the concept, Amit started DJing at Sheetal Again in March 1994, also played as a resident DJ at Go Bananas, Wild Orchid, Wig Wam, Avlon, Club Abbyss, Black Out, The Scream, Razzberry Rhinoceros, Caprice(Party Hall), Big One (Sports Bar), The Resort. Toured all over India at cities like Bangalore, Chennai, Pune, Hyderabad, Delhi & Goa with known Indian DJ’s. In July 2000 came out with an album called Jhatka Remix on Times Music. Lately on May 14th 2002 released out another album called Smooth Tracks featuring the Single Chalte Chalte and is a major star today.


One of the Founder members of the concept, Asad a.k.a FREEAATMAH began as early as 1986 experimenting in rock, acid rock, retro, funk progressing to acid house and garage by the end of the ´80s and then discovered Techno, progressing to Psy, Acid & Goa Trance during the course of the ´90s. Since 1991 he has been visiting Goa and is one of the pioneers in setting up the goa trance scene. Also rocked parties in U.S.A., Mauritius and all over Asia and India. He has been an active part of The Audiophile and The Paradiso teams and is now working on selective events and organizers so as to make time to work on his psychedelic trance tracks in his personal home studio.


DJ Ivan is undoubtably Bangalore's Hottest property in the DJ circuit. He is known to play the most current and popular music winning him a lot of Awards like DMC. His strength lies not only in the music that he plays but his unique and interactive presentation of his tracks……almost talking his crowd through the ups and downs of the night. Being a serious believer in building up a night and then taking it through the roof, he is more of a solo-artist than an interactive team-type and so, has only been a part of Mixmasters for one year but, he supports the philosophy and encourages the tour.


Since the last 13 years, Jazzy has not only brought his own creative style and techniques to the profession but has also achieved popularity in Clubs/Events & radio all over India. Winner of 'Best DJ of India','DMC Finalist India','Screen Gaurav' and the 'No. 1 DJ of Delhi' awards. Jazzy is the founder and the promoter of the Mixmasters Concept - more info at Today, Jazzy works for Entertainment Venues with Concepts, Designs Clubs & Pubs and also Performs all around the Country. More info at


One of Kolkata’s Premier DJ’s, Jimmy Tangree is a veteran DJ who’s been spinning music since the last 15 years.Yes, Jimmy has an ear for music, an eye for crowd and a voice from Heaven that charms even the most stiff feet and makes them move. Although Jimmy personally likes Dream House and Techno music, he is as comfortable with Modern House and Commercial music as with the Retro Hits of the Yesteryears. Now he promotes RED FM all over India.


One of the Founder members of the concept, Rahul has been Rocking Bangalore and Mumbai since the last Decade. A master at nearly all styles of music, he loves to play House, Retro and Indipop.


Loves to play Tribal and Progressive House. Originally from Kolkata but now based in Mumbai, Sanjay has played at all the clubs there and nearly every place all over India to a great following.


Master on the 'Final Scratch' software, Teja has been inspired by the Electronic Music scene of the early 90's & surely wanted to spinn decks for the rest of his Life! Started off as a Bedroom Dj & Inclined towards the Technical aspects of Djing. Got the First BREAK with the MIXMASTERS-2003. Against "Genre"ising Music but prefers to Pitch EDM.


Wayne's first residency in Chennai was at the ‘Gatsby 2000’ followed by EC41 at VGP for 3 years as part of the ‘Absolute Party Factory’. At present works with HFO, a top entertainment company into installations and running clubs. The last few years have seen him travel all over doing shows in Kolkata, Delhi, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Cochin and also in Colombo. His music varies on the crowd but loves to play house all night. Other favorites include Retro, HipHop, Rock & Commercial Hits.


Yusuf is Pune's Premier DJ with the most versatile playlist in town. He can play Retro, Hip-Hop, House, Indipop and even lounge......totally fluid with his mixes and with a finger on the crowd's pulse. With a huge repertoire and experience, Yusuf is a new but valuable addition to the Mixmasters as he has been a part of the Mixmasters 2004 All-India Tour.


DJ Lloyd can mix in a full night popular hip-hop and house music, moving on to tactfully slip in a few Hindi film numbers, making the dancers go berserk. Lloyd, who performs at corporate parties around the country and a few destinations around the sub-continent, is the new kid on the block whose boy-next-door appeal turns infectious as he increases the BPM levels to crazy heights.

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